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"Are We There Yet?" by collaborating Improvised Alchemy artist Ilknur Demikoparan


Banshee Media streams, broadcasts and publishes original performance works, media art and critical content, delivering them across a host of traditional and new digital platforms to global audiences.


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Banshee Media and Improvised Alchemy have a new home at The Willows Nest in Berlin!  Please consider supporting independent arts and media creation and get some fantastic stuff in return!


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Our audio release of Sympathetic Resonance Live at 

Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica is here!  Listen and download by clicking the image below:


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Banshee Media is all about mixing it up!
Here at Banshee Media we have just set up a brand new performance, recording, and post production space in Berlin, Germany.  That means we can consider future publishing projects with a particular eye toward new kinds of work and alternative media - from Augmented Reality to old school vinyl and cassettes, or innovative documentation of site-specific trans-media performance installations - to a whole variety of cutting edge publishing featuring the finest original content. 
We are open to considering a host of new collaborations - from artists and producers to coders and designers.  This includes monographs, contemporary musical scores (especially AR or interactive scores), limited edition vinyl pressings or cassette productions with AR artwork, and custom-designed USB drives designed by artists.  Our podcast network is always interested in hearing about new show ideas, and we offer many network benefits for new podcasters.
We are also interested in engaging new works in sound art, contemporary composition,  environmental recordings, media art, experimental music and media for publishing and release.   Proposals are welcome in email form through our contact page, and sign up for our mailing list to stay current on all the new projects in the coming year.


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Banshee Media celebrates the spontaneous and ephemeral, the collaborative and collective in all our practices and productions.  Embracing the challenges that true collaboration and collectivity present, we hold that these very challenges lay the foundation for truly innovative, relevant and creative media art.  From cultivating collaborative work between emerging and established professional artists and scholars, to producing and promoting environmental recordings capturing fleeting moments of the natural world, to creating site specific transmedia performance works, Banshee Media promotes a diversity of ideas, practices and approaches in our work.


Banshee Media cultivates sustainability in everything we do – from sourcing eco friendly materials and methodologies in our studios and workshops to creating fresh opportunities for emerging and under-represented artistic communities throughout our performance and distribution networks.  Banshee media creates responsibly for our communities and our planet.


Founded by composer-performer and scholar Renée T. Coulombe, Banshee Media was created as a global online and networked node of convergence for sound oriented artists and scholars.  Embracing methodologies old and new, Banshee Media actively creates both online and site-specific artistic installation and performance, streaming, interactive and fixed digital media, as well as articles in online journals and published books.

Founder/Ceo Renée T. Coulombe


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